Learn more about the many facets of logistics and understand the lengths in which logistics companies go to for your package.

What Are The Benefits of Express Delivery In The E-Commerce Industry?

What are the benefits of express delivery in the E-Commerce industry? Customers receive orders faster Affordable delivery prices Improved customer satisfaction Products are guaranteed to […]

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Soaring high under the wings of women leaders

Original article courtesy of: In the male-dominated Philippine logistics industry, there is a company headed by a mother of four and has been successfully […]

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The Laws and Rules of Freight Forwarding

What are the laws and rules of Freight Forwarding? International Laws and rules of Freight Forwarding The Legality and Logistics of Freight Forwarding How Freight […]

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How Couriers Handle Fragile and Special Items

How do couriers handle fragile and special items? Applying bubble wrap Picking the right box side Proper labeling Polystyrene and packing peanuts Proper transportation Taking […]

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Warehouse Rules & Etiquettes Every Employee Needs to Know

What rules and etiquette should every employee know? Listen and communicate Observe proper safety rules Keep the workplace clean Be mindful and considerate   Warehouses […]

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