6 Advantages Of Cold Storage Warehousing

6 Advantages Of Cold Storage Warehousing

March 30, 2021

What are the advantages of cold storage warehousing?

  1. Lowers deterioration rate of perishable products
  2. Avoids the risk of food poisoning
  3. Cost-efficiency
  4. Frees up space
  5. Backup capabilities
  6. Makes accomplishing logistic processes easier


Today, the advantages of cold storage warehousing cannot be overlooked given the rising demand for shipping perishable goods and other temperature-sensitive products. As consumers remain conscious of their food products, it is the responsibility of companies that provide warehousing in the Philippines to keep such commodities safe. There are numerous advantages of cold storage warehousing for businesses. Read on to learn more.

Lowers Deterioration Rate of Perishable Products

Lowers Deterioration Rate of Perishable Products

Perishable products are some of the most widely shipped items across the world. They are delivered to distributors such as groceries and restaurants regularly. Aside from food, some products are temperature-sensitive such as plants, artwork, and medication.

Despite being done at recurring intervals, there are still many challenges when it comes to handling perishable and temperature-sensitive products. As its name suggests, these can spoil or rot during transport without the right measures being put in place. This is where the advantage of cold storage warehousing comes into the picture.

One of the primary benefits of using cold storage warehousing is that the low temperature helps lower the rate of chemical changes in perishable products. Another advantage of cold storage warehousing is that the containers will typically have options for adjustable temperature. This level of customization can satisfy your products’ exact temperature needs, preventing dehumidification.

Avoids The Risk Of Food Poisoning

One of the major challenges faced when handling perishable goods is the risk of food poisoning. Food poisoning often results from multiplying microorganisms. If incorrectly stored, the microorganisms can multiply to dangerous levels and prove to be unsafe for consumption.

The risk of food poisoning is avoided when goods are stored in a cool place. Ideally, the cold storage warehouse should have a temperature of -15°C or below to eliminate the potential of bacteria, molds, yeast, and other chemical changes.



A significant chunk of money is wasted when perishable goods become spoiled from improper storage. Cold store warehousing offers cost-efficiency for businesses by avoiding rotting products. This is because perishable goods left at room temperature can spoil quickly.

Additionally, the controlled moisture levels can help extend the life of fresh produce such as fruits, vegetables, and canned goods by keeping them away from direct sunlight. As a result, there is no need to throw away products and waste money.

Another way that cold store warehousing can offer cost-efficiency is through energy bills. An efficient and well-equipped cold warehouse will cost less than having multiple fridges and freezers.

Frees Up Space

Having enough space to handle perishable products can be a major challenge for businesses, especially those that specialize in delivering food items such as restaurants. They would need to ship both raw ingredients and finished products alike. Fortunately, cold storage warehousing can offer to free up space that can otherwise be used for other business operations such as preparation and cooking.

Coolers can take up a large space and can make rooms non-conducive for business environments due to the amount of heat produced. To add to that, the noise level can cause disturbances as well.

Hiring cold storage warehousing will also prove to be advantageous for a scaling business. A bigger business also means catering to a wider customer base, which can demand more products to be shipped. In the end, you will free up space and have a dedicated warehousing team to store your goods in temperature-controlled environments.

Backup Capabilities

Backup Capabilities

Not only will cold storage warehousing provide extra space, but it also adds a layer of protection for products. Businesses face the threat of electrical outages. However, cold storage units will typically have backup electricity to ensure perishable goods are protected. Moreover, the airtight construction of cold store warehousing units will maintain temperature for a longer period.

Makes Accomplishing Logistic Processes Easier

Logistics refers to the whole process of managing products from the moment of acquiring raw materials, storing products, and delivering finished goods to the end consumer.

For businesses that need to handle temperature-sensitive products, picking a logistics company that provides cold storage warehousing can streamline the whole process. There are logistics companies that not only offer to keep perishable goods safe but also transport them to distributors or customers. These experts can also identify the best routes to ensure your goods arrive on time and keep your overall operations efficient.

Key Takeaway

Given that perishable and temperature-sensitive goods are some of the most common types of items being shipped regularly, it would be wise to know about the advantages of cold storage warehousing. At Airspeed, we can cater to your cold store warehousing needs. Click here to inquire about our cold storage services now!

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