Airspeed: 34 Years of Innovative and Efficient Service

Airspeed: 34 Years of Innovative and Efficient Service

October 24, 2019 josh

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Freight delivery solutions have become one of the most important types of services in the world. Assigned with the gargantuan task of delivering products, goods, parcels, cargo, and supplies across vast distances, it is important that these services look to innovate and develop varied methods and strategies that will be able to help them deliver their goods safely and on time.

In the Philippines, freight delivery services are some of the most active in the country, constantly transporting products and supplies both locally and internationally. One company that has been at the forefront of this industry is Airspeed — a freight forwarding company that has constantly innovated and grown in the past three decades.


Humble Beginnings

Airspeed was founded 34 years ago by Rosemarie P. Rafael. Back when they started, Airspeed was still a small air freight company looking to provide fast and efficient international delivery services. At its start, Airspeed only had six people and had no cargo weighing scale of its own. This meant they had to go to an airport to have the parcels weighed in to inform their clients.

During its early years, Airspeed focused on providing international air freight services to various clientele. Some of the items that they delivered include clothing products that would be sent to some of the biggest international retailers in countries like the United States.


More Than a Parcel

More Than a Parcel

With a name that represents fast and efficient service, Airspeed has remained committed to providing the fastest and most efficient freight forwarding service in the Philippines. For the company, their deliveries are more than just parcels, as these items are the backbone of various businesses and livelihoods.

These businesses and companies are not only clients of the company. They are also partners that support each other’s growth and continued success. These businesses and companies come from a wide variety of industries, like electronics, food businesses, clothing and garments industries, retail, and even zoos.

Airspeed values its relationship with its clients, which is why they provide consultations to establish tailor-made logistics services that fit their needs and specifications. In addition to providing specialized services, Airspeed also learns from its clients, allowing it to create innovations and methods that will help improve the efficiency of their services.

Aside from being one of the best companies when it comes to making quick deliveries, Airspeed is also committed to making sure that these parcels arrive safely to their destination. Living up to the name is a big challenge, which is why Airspeed has strived to become one of the country’s premier freight forwarding services, implementing innovations and developments in freight delivery for continuous improvement.


Delivering in an Archipelago

Delivering in an Archipelago

One of the biggest challenges of Airspeed is the task of delivering within the diverse archipelago of the Philippines. Faced with terrains like hills, mountains, and islands, Airspeed overcomes these challenges by making use of various modes of transportation to deliver goods to their destination safely.

Airspeed offers a comprehensive logistics system that makes use of land, air, and sea transportation to deliver cargo domestically and internationally. Along with versatile transportation methods, the company is also equipped with knowledge and familiarity with the country’s landscape, ensuring deliveries can be made in almost every corner of the country.

The Philippines is an archipelago filled with vast and difficult terrain. Companies like Airspeed aim to overcome these challenges and take their cargo to their destinations safely.


Future of Philippine Logistics

With new technologies and innovations across the world, freight forwarding and logistics services are also looking to make use of these new developments to optimize their services for the future.

Airspeed is a company that aims to continue providing the best freight forwarding services in the country. Airspeed is also preparing its foundations to accommodate new techniques, practices, and technologies into their process. With various companies and industries looking to expand their online presence and services, Airspeed looks to have a presence in this highly competitive market.

Logistics in the Philippines is an industry that has massive untapped potential. With a highly strategic location, along with the development of new infrastructure projects, the country has the potential to become one of the main trading hubs in the Southeast Asian region.


Paving the Way for Women Leaders

Paving the Way for Women Leaders

Not just one of the best freight forwarding services in the country, Airspeed has also paved the way for female corporate leaders within the industry. The company’s president, Rosemarie P. Rafael, was elected as the first female president of the Air Cargo Forwarders Association, which is a testament to her commitment to providing the best logistics service in the country.

Besides this monumental achievement, she has also received a lifetime achievement award from the Global Council of the Airlines. These accolades show Airspeed’s dedication to providing the best freight forwarding service in the country, while also helping the industry grow and reach new heights.


Key Takeaway

Freight forwarding is an industry that looks to grow and innovate in the many years to come. Companies like Airspeed will continue to be at the forefront of these new developments. With a talented team and a committed vision, Airspeed looks to remain one of the leading freight services in the country.

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