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How to Pack Your Parcels Properly to Reduce Shipping Costs

December 21, 2019

Delivering different types of cargo and parcels requires you to use specific packaging techniques so that they arrive safely. Whether it be using cardboard boxes, plastic containers, or even large steel containers, knowing how to pack parcels properly will reduce your shipping costs.


How do you pack parcels properly?

Weight is an important measurement when making deliveries. This will determine how your parcel will be packed and delivered by the courier. It also dictates if your parcel deliveries would come at the right cost, as being over the weight limit means that you would have to pay extra, which can make your delivery more costly overall. To prevent your parcels from having this problem, here are the best ways to make them lighter and keep your delivery costs down.


Pick the size and container

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The weight of your delivery depends on the size of the item itself. This would not only decide what size of the container you would be using, but also what type you need to use. Lighter items will allow you to use cardboard boxes and plastic containers, while large items might require you to use crates and steel containers.

To make your parcels lighter, use a container that is the right size to prevent it from becoming heavier and lessen the amount of packaging you need to use.


Secure your parcels efficiently

One of the reasons why many parcels tend to get heavier is because of how it is secured before packing. It is common to see people pack excessive amounts of packing material to keep their items secure, thus causing it to weigh more and increase the cost. The same goes for the amount of tape and adhesive used on the package, as they can also add extra weight in some cases.

Secure your parcels efficiently to prevent these problems from happening. Use a balanced amount of packing materials and adhesives to secure your cargo. Pack your parcels the right way and follow the necessary procedures to secure your cargo correctly.


Use lightweight materials

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One of the most effective ways to lessen the weight of your parcels is by making use of lightweight materials. This means using cardboard boxes or plastic containers instead of wood or steel, and using foam packing material to keep items secure. The heaviest thing in your parcel should be the item itself, and no additional weight will come from the packaging.


Send items in bulk

A common mistake that many people make is sending their parcels piece by piece, which means that they are using up more packaging and spending more money to make deliveries. Instead of doing this, the better approach is to send items in bulk using a single container, which helps save time. This will prevent you from overspending on deliveries, and make your whole process more efficient.


Do not overpack your parcels

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Another mistake that many people make is that they tend to overpack their parcels with items and packing material. This not only bulks up the parcels, but they can also make your package flimsy and more fragile, as the excess materials can cause the package to break and open up. This can be very risky for the items you will be delivering as they will get damaged, which can mean sending in a replacement or having to spend more on repairs.


Key Takeaway

Delivering parcels is a process that requires you to balance out factors such as weight and cost. By following these procedures, you can ensure you will be able to properly pack your parcels and keep your shipping costs down.

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