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How to ship heavy parcels

February 6, 2020

Shipping and transporting items and parcels have now become a much more accessible and faster process. Thanks to the numerous developments and innovations to technology and transportation, delivering parcels across different locations of the world can now be done much faster, allowing logistics companies and freight services to save more time and beat tight delivery deadlines.

Along with having a much faster delivery time, these freight services know how to ship heavy parcels as well. Thanks to the many packaging procedures available, along with a varied selection of transportation options to choose from, shipping heavier items and packages can not be done in a more efficient secure manner.


How do you ship heavy parcels?

While the process of packaging and transporting heavy parcels has been streamlined and optimized, there are still a number of concerns and issues that can still persist. This includes improper packing procedures (which can cause parcels to break and get damaged while in transit) or picking the wrong type of transportation to deliver the package itself. These issues can compromise the package entirely, which can be very costly as a whole. To make sure you prevent these problems from happening in the first place, here are some of the best ways to ship heavy parcels and keep them safe and secure during the delivery process:


Identify the weight and dimensions

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Before packing your parcels and having it delivered, the first thing that you need to do is to identify the weight and dimensions of the parcels themselves. Identifying weight and size is crucial for the delivery process, as logistics services would be able to identify the right packing process and mode of transportation. Weight is important in logistics, as this would determine the cost of the items once they are delivered, with heavier items costing more due to the space they would take and the type of transportation used.


Use new and heavy-duty materials

After your heavy parcels have been measured and weighed in, the next step is to secure the package itself. When it comes to packing heavy parcels, it is best to use new and heavy-duty materials to ensure that it remains as secure as possible during the delivery process. A common mistake that many people tend to make when packing heavy parcels is using older or used materials, which can easily break down, causing damage to the items inside. Heavy-duty materials like tape and other types of binding are also necessary to secure your package, ensuring that it remains intact along the way.


Double the packaging and protection

Young man working at a warehouse with boxes

Along with using heavy-duty materials to secure your packaging, it is also important that you double the packaging and protect the parcel itself. When transporting heavy parcels, the packaging can experience a good amount of wear and tear during the whole process. This means that the external layer of the boxes might get heavily damaged, causing the items inside to be compromised. If you are using cardboard boxes, it is best to double or triple the layers of your package to provide the best protection available. The packaging is crucial during the delivery process, which is why you would need to implement the safest and most efficient packing method possible.


Be aware of restrictions and guidelines

Along with observing proper packaging and security processes, you must also be aware of the restrictions and guidelines set by logistics services. Most of these services have a number of restrictions, like prohibited items and substances, or weight and size restrictions for different types of transportation. Having heavier parcels means that you might have to pay an additional amount to have them delivered. These rules and regulations ensure you are able to identify items and methods that you cannot transport and make sure that you are following the right packing procedures.


Key Takeaway

Heavy parcels are some of the most challenging sets of items to have delivered by logistics and freight forwarding services. By following these procedures, you can make sure that you can secure your heavy parcels in the most effective way possible.

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