5 Benefits of Food Delivery Service

5 Benefits of Food Delivery Service

November 27, 2020

What are the benefits of the food delivery service?

  1. Expand your customer base
  2. Convenient
  3. Variety of options
  4. Multiple payment methods
  5. Cost-effective promotions


During the beginning of the pandemic, restaurants and food establishments only offered options for take-out and delivery. Even as time went on and they were allowed to operate at a limited capacity, they still relied on this mode of generating revenue even during a crisis. In fact, even ramen chains who previously only had available dine-in options for a lot of their menu items eventually understood the benefits of the food delivery service and its value for their business.

For both customers and businesses, food delivery presents several advantages. It’s fast, convenient, and offers a variety of options that’s simply not evident across other platform types.

As the COVID-19 pandemic persists, considering this type of service might just be the key ingredient in enabling your business to generate a constant stream of revenue and not lag behind your competitors. Read on to learn more.


Expand Your Customer Base

If you take a look into the current models of food delivery, you’ll find that it’s still fairly limited. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Let’s say you want to order from a restaurant that’s almost 20km away from your house. This might not really be possible, especially if the restaurant doesn’t have available branches in a location near you.

On the other hand, a food delivery service provides you with the option of expanding your customer base. How? By making your business more visible and subsequently expanding your own customer base.

If you’ve previously been only available through the phone or through your website, your customers will now have the chance of ordering from you on a one-stop shop platform. Even if your brick and mortar restaurant is only situated in one city, you’ll have the chance of catering to other long-distance customers that can finally order from your menu.



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Without a food delivery service, your customers would end up having to physically visit your restaurant just to pick up the food they’ve ordered. Considering the current pandemic situation, this may not really be safe and convenient. They’d have to spend on transportation and even potentially risk their health.

This is where you’ll begin to see the true advantage of food delivery. They’re much safer and convenient for your customer, since they can place an order anytime, anywhere. The delivery platform will be optimized for any mobile device, like smartphones and tablets. At just a click of a button or just a single touch of a screen, the food will be delivered to their door at no hassle at all.

Your customers don’t even have to dial up on their phones and speak to a customer service representative just to have their orders fulfilled.


Variety of Options

Many food delivery platforms and services to date offer customers with a variety of food options that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to access in the traditional setup. They don’t have to be limited to just a single restaurant.

For business owners, this is advantageous because it also offers them exposure. Their customers won’t have to just settle for typical fast food and restaurant chains that already make use of this type of service. More than that, this is also a great method of putting your food out there even if you’re not running a website.

On the customers’ end, having many restaurant options to choose from means that they can discover different food places that weren’t on their radar before. If they’re craving Italian, Japanese, American, Filipino, or any type of food at all, they can simply use the platform to order the food they want.


Multiple Payment Methods

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In the past, customers would have to dial the number of a restaurant to have food delivered to their doorsteps. Oftentimes, payment is done by Cash on Delivery after the food has been received by the customer.

While COD payments are still commonplace, customers would like to have the option of paying for their food in the way that is convenient to them. A food delivery service solves exactly just that, because it gives customers multiple payment method options that are fast and secure.

With the rise of cashless payment services in the Philippines, paying for any online food order has never been more reliable and convenient. This is an important consideration especially since people are likely preferring cashless options because of COVID-19.

Likewise, the food delivery service ensures that each payment made via the platform is instantly remitted to the business owner.


Cost-Effective Promotions

No one likes delivery fees and minimum order requirements. It won’t be surprising to think that these are some of the top reasons why customers don’t even go through with ordering food. Customers are more encouraged to have food delivered to them, precisely if there are no conditions that will hamper them.

Apart from being convenient and reliable, food delivery services are also a way for customers to gain access to limited offers and promotions. This works both ways: when the customer is saving up more on the delivery fees, they’ll more likely continue ordering from that app or platform. Likewise, the business owner is able to increase their revenue because more and more customers are ordering from them through the service.


Key Takeaway

 There are numerous benefits of the food delivery service — it expands your customer base, increases your revenue, gives your customers a variety of options, and it also offers unparalleled convenience.

If you own a food business and you haven’t invested in this type of service, then what’s stopping you? It might just be the thing that you need to boost your sales and improve your ROI.

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