Learn more about the many facets of logistics and understand the lengths in which logistics companies go to for your package.

Warehouse Storage Systems

  What are the different types of warehouse storage systems? Storage cabinet Pallet storage system Static shelving Multi-tier racking Double-deep racking Mobile shelving   Warehouses […]

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A warehouse worker doing order picking

  How can you improve your warehouse picking order accuracy? Track accuracy rates Label products Understand your picking strategy Avoid further repacking Have a reliable […]

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A woman signing an order fulfillment form

  What can you do to improve your order fulfillment process? Coordinate with your suppliers Provide end-to-end visibility Partner with the right shipper Come up […]

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Two miniature logistics managers surrounded by boxes

  What are some of the logistics challenges in the Philippines? Inconsistent regulations High shipping costs Poor infrastructure Underemployment and bureaucracy   The country’s eCommerce […]

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A warehouse with an overflow of boxes

  How can you deal with warehouse overflow? Properly manage inventory Designate areas for overflow Invest in a tracking system Improve picking processes   Not […]

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