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Rosemarie Rafael: Breaking Bamboo Ceilings as a Filipina Business Leader

April 18, 2024

The Asia Women’s Forum 2024, organized by Asia CEO Forum, was held at the Manila Marriott Hotel. It was a gathering of women leaders that brought together prominent women who defied norms, achieved tremendous success, and profoundly impacted their industries.

Airspeed’s Chairperson, Rosemarie P. Rafael, was one of the notable speakers at the event. She spoke about the importance of breaking the bamboo ceiling despite the challenges and hurdles of being a woman. In addition, she emphasized the 6Cs principle – character, commitment, connectedness, communication, culture, and courage – as vital elements in ensuring your success in any organization.

Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling

During her talk, RPR stressed the importance of overcoming the “bamboo ceiling” – the hidden obstacle that hinders modern Filipinas’ career advancement in male-dominated fields. She identified several challenges that women face, including gender and unconscious biases, limited opportunities, and more.

Rafael, however, encouraged her audience to push past these barriers and strive for leadership roles. She emphasized the value of having diverse teams, which enables organizations to benefit from the unique perspectives and ideas that women can offer.

Inspiring Women and Making a Difference

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Many women from diverse backgrounds attended the gathering, each having shattered barriers, achieved remarkable success, and made a profound difference in various industries. These women inspire aspiring and established leaders alike, demonstrating just what women are capable of when they come together and support each other.

Their stories, experiences, and accomplishments showcase the power of resilience and determination. They serve as role models who inspire the next generation of female leaders to dream big and to believe in themselves, proving that anything can be accomplished with hard work and dedication